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Salinity Wellness Center

Salinity Salt & Flotation Wellness Spa was founded with the goal of 

Improving Lives Naturally.

We focus on providing our customers with improved health and wellness through the use of natural processes and products whose effectiveness is fully backed by credible clinical and scientific data.

At Salinity, we understand that the most effective approach involves both the body and mind. We use many treatment methods including Float (sensory deprivation) and Dry Salt Halo sessions. Our approach is holistic with the goal of reducing stress and strengthening the immune system and mental balance of everyone we treat.

Our staff is highly trained and committed to assessing and addressing the unique needs of every client. 

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Terry Amerine


Terry Amerine

As the brother to a former nurse, and founder of Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa and Float On Us, Terry is very familiar with the stress and demands that the current pandemic is placing on those within our healthcare system. In an effort to help the medical professionals who are now under intense pressure working to limit the effects of the Coronavirus, he founded the organization Float On Us to help them address the stress and fallout of this traumatic ordeal.

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